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Examples of our Strategic Planning

$25,000-plus Saved Through Incorporation and Strategic Self-employment Preparation

Client: Self-employed Terrorist Security Consultant

Situation: In the aftermath of the World Trade Center tragedy, this client received a specialized one-time contract. This contract produced a very large, unanticipated profit that could have resulted in huge tax implications.

What We Did: By involving us early in the planning process, we advised the client to incorporate his consulting business. 

Results: Having established himself as the only employee, our client was able to save well over $25,000 in payroll and income taxes through employee benefits and an aggressive retirement plan.

180-degree Profit Turnaround Through Corrective Assessment and Proactive Planning

Client: Specialized Medical Practice

Situation: When we began working with this client, their prior CPA had warned them that lack of profit could force them to close down. 

What We Did: We performed a complete reconciliation of all accounts and found that the prior CPA's conclusions were based upon inaccurate information. By updating all accounting records, including depreciation schedules and loan amortizations schedules, we discovered that not only was the business nicely profitable, it was about to pay off debt that would result in wonderful future cash flow!

Results: Needless to say, this client did just the opposite of closing down. Through a variety of profit-enhancing suggestions and long-term proactive planning measures, they continue to enjoy income in the mid six-figure range.

Customized Accounting Measurement Provides In-depth, Money-saving Evaluation

Client: Major League Baseball Team Physician

Situation: The physician and the team were in two distant cities. The physician incurred heavy travel, lodging, and meal costs so he could be on hand as needed during all home games. He was unsure if the excessive cost and time were financially justified, and traditional accounting methods proved an inaccurate gauge for assessment. Traditional accounting methods combined income as the team physician into only normal practice fees and all costs into the standard categories of travel, entertainment, licensing, malpractice insurance, dues, etc.

What We Did: By redesigning the chart of accounts used by the physician's medical practice, we were able to isolate all of the direct costs involved in serving the baseball team. We created a heading called "(team name)" and listed both the direct income received for these services and all of the direct costs.

Results: By monitoring the comprehensive net income or loss generated by performing as team physician, our client was able to identify the point when this pursuit became detrimental to the practice and, therefore, was discontinued.

Comprehensive Analysis and Allocation Leads to Air-tight Asset Protection


Client: Decadent's Trust


Situation: While reviewing the personal tax returns for a surviving spouse, we noticed that all security accounts remained titled in the name of the previous trust, rather than splitting the assets as required in the trust document and funding a decedent's trust. The original taxpayer had passed away the previous year. As things stood, the decedent's trust was technically unfunded. 

What We Did: We immediately notified the client and their estate attorney. Assets were then split as necessary and retitled properly.

Results: Unfortunately, only months after assets were retitled, the surviving spouse passed away. Had the decedent's trust not been properly funded by assets being retitled, the estate tax triggered by the death of the surviving spouse may have been increased by nearly $800,000.

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